FrontPoint Security- The Top Security System for Home in 2013

Looking for the Top Security System

Thieves and intruders are becoming more and more skilled at breaking and disabling security systems in homes. If your security system is outdated, then intruders may already know how to disable it. In order to protect your home, you must replace your old security system with 2013’s top security system for home, reviews can be found on


There are many security systems out there and most of their sellers claim that their security system is the best. Because of this, it can be difficult for a first-timer to determine which security system is the top security system. You will need to do some research in order to find the top security system for your home.

What Experts Say

Many experts agree that FrontPoint Security currently has the top security system for home for 2013. FrontPoint Security has received many positive reviews from experts and customers. Its average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars and 9 out of 10. Continue reading to learn more about FrontPoint Security and why many experts consider it to be one of the best security systems in the market today.

Satellite Internet and Home Security

Some people think that just because you live in a rural area means that you can’t get high speed Internet and a home security system. Home security systems rely on three technologies which are phone line, broadband and cellular. Now you might not have access to all of these but broadband satellite Internet is now possible and it is faster than ever before. Most people enjoy speeds as fast or faster than cable Internet. Check out for the latest deals and reviews of which satellite Internet provider to go with.

Home Security on TV

I just recently upgraded my satellite Internet and was watching this criminal show on Netflix about how someone can set pennies on a window sill ledge or a door to see if someone broke into the home. I was thinking… wouldn’t it be easier just to install a home security system instead of going through the trouble of setting up a bunch of booby traps basically. Anyways I thought I would share this.

Must Have Features of the Best Home Security Systems

The honor of being called the best home security system is not an easy feat to acquire, because the system will have to possess a lot of necessary qualities and undergo scrupulous tests to determine just how guaranteed its promised security really is. It’s absolutely important to research extensively about security systems before installing one, as it should cater to the needs of the home and family.

Actually, the best home security system  will only be determined if the user finds that everything he/she needs is well within its features. Here are some of the common qualities that should be present in order to be considered as a useful and effective system. I took some of these tips from 6Webs, another home security reviews site. This should hlep you in selecting a good system.

Good Response Time

This is probably the most important feature of all. A good response time may mean the safety of a family, because it will determine just how long the police or fire department will arrive at the area or house in trouble.

Wireless Setup

A wireless setup has a lot of advantages over traditional ones (landline- or broadband-based setup), as this will prevent intruders from simply cutting wires to terminate the system and easily gain access to the home. This feature, however, will cost more.

Constant Monitoring

The best home security system should monitor all of these things: fire, level of carbon monoxide, and the home for any unwanted intrusions on a 24-hour basis. A good monitoring service will be able to detect anything wrong as soon as possible. Particularly, the unnoticeable dangers lurking around will be brought to attention as needed.


 Security plans nowadays are affordable, but always make sure that the service is well worth its price. Usually, the price of a well-secured system ranges from $20 – $30 per month; this covers all the basic stuff, such as monitoring services and sometimes a landline monitoring service. The pricier plans range from 40$ – 49$ per month; these kinds of plans will include all the basic security with some added features, such as a wireless security setup (as mentioned earlier) and a mobile access module (specifically for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices).

 Extra Tips:

Moreover, homeowners who own a legitimate home security system can get about 20% discount from certain insurance companies. Although this is not exactly related, it’s still a benefit worth mentioning. Additionally, here’s a quick tip to find the best home security system: Read genuine reviews of a brand and its features extensively. In essence, the customers’ reviews are a reliable source of determining a system’s capabilities whether it’s excellent or not. Also, there are some systems that include home-automation integration, wherein the control panel for the system can control the home’s environment (temperature, lighting, certain small appliances, etc.), as well.

In the simplest sense, the best home security system only needs a good monitoring service and a quick response time to be on top. Not to mention that it will certainly keep a home safe and secure. The price and other additional features are only second; however, don’t disregard their importance.

Best Wireless Home Security Systems

Latest technology in wireless security systems has made our lives safer and at easy from witty burglars. Thanks for the wireless security system in our homes and garage which take care of all our worries. Many people rely on this best wireless security system then the security guards in surrounding vicinity. It’s wise to use such wireless technology to safe and secure your home, property and assets.

Here are some informative tips for wireless home security system:

  1. Nowadays there are various wireless security systems available in the market that promises you safety and security for your home and belongings. As the name suggests, wireless security systems don’t require wires to connect to your home alarm system control box and can be fitted to any of your preferred locations. Another important thing is that you do not require a professional, to install these wireless security systems.  They come with a do-it-yourself kit, which is easy to understand and install.
  2. Before purchasing the best wireless security system, make sure to ask about significant items such as the warranty period, system pre-requisites, extent of video or camera coverage, installation precautions, power supply, and other services that can be provided by the company such as installation and maintenance.
  3. The wireless security systems also have surveillance camera built in with microphones that record audio and visuals of any act in your absence. The best wireless security system will give you recorded information of any point-in-time crime committed so that you can take immediately report to the police and insurance company.
  4. These home security systems will monitor all throughout the day and night 24by 7. In addition, the best wireless security system will allow you to record activities to your computer, or even your smart phone so you can properly monitor your home and property even though you are in a remote location by receiving an alert message or call if there is any gatecrasher.
  5. Using the best wireless systems is the finest way for you to save on power since its control box utilizes very low voltage and has its own supply of battery. Although you might need to change the backup batteries, it would stay on for a longer period it there is any power outage or the power supply is cut by a potential burglar or thief.
  6. Your best wireless security system will give you peace of mind, around the clock from any felony. These home security systems are specially design for the safety of your home and property.

Keeping the Family Safe

Keeping your family safe is a basic need and there is no better way to do that than to purchase the best security system to adequately protect your home and family. There are many types of home security systems out there but one that is installed in your home and actively being monitored by a security professionals is best.


You can decide if you want a wireless home security system or a wired system. It does make a difference believe it or not. A wireless home security system is portable so it is not stuck with the home should you ever need to leave the neighborhood. They also are much easier to install, in fact you can install them yourself.

Whenever you are shopping for a home security system make sure that you call several providers when making a decision. There are websites that do a great job of outlining what you should look for when purchasing a home security system to protect the family.

It’s not only to protect the family but also to protect your belongings or possessions. Most burglaries occur when you are away from the home between the hours of 10am to 2pm. So in 5 minutes the average burglar takes about $2,000 worth of your stuff.

That’s enough to invest in a home security system. Not to mention that your homeowners insurance will also be reduced up to 20% with a professionally monitored home security system.